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As the trench dug by the Anglo-phone crisis deepens, hundreds of thousands have lost their access to basic health care for many different reasons. This has led to an increase in the number of newborns who are brought to hospitals and health centers with neonatal sepsis and neonatal tetanus. Many more such cases die at home and in bushes unable to make it even to the nearest functional health facility which is often too far away. These deaths can easily be prevented by providing these women with the basic supplies to ensure a clean and safe delivery anywhere and under any condition.

Answering to this call for help and the need to give these women an opportunity to watch their children grow, SHF team developed a simple and cost-effective emergency delivery kit which can provide at-risk pregnant women with a clean and safe delivery. The kit is designed based on WHO six cleans of delivery.
Each kit contains:
‣ A sealed bar of soap for the birth attendant to wash her hands and clean the pregnant woman’s perineum.
‣ A clean plastic delivery surface cleaned with 0.005% bleach solution.
‣ 2 pairs of medium size clean latex gloves.
‣ Two sterile cord ties soaked in 70% alcohol and sealed. To be used two the umbilical cord.
‣ A sterile surgical blade. To be used for cutting the umbilical cord.
‣ A bottle of antibiotic eye drop for prophylaxis against ophthalmia neonatorium
‣ Sealed alcohol impregnated swabs for cleaning the umbilical cord storm.
‣ And an instruction sheet on how to use the kit.
Each kit cost 1500 FRS. With 1500 FRS, we can save the life of a mother and her child.
As we go into the insecure parts of these two regions we fear for our lives, but what keeps us going is that we fear for their lives more.
You may not be able to go into these volatile places, but your resources can make a difference by providing delivery kits that give hope and life to the mothers and their children.
With 15,000 frs you can donate safe delivery to ten women and their children
With 150,000 frs you can provide this hope and a fighting chance to 100 women and their children.
Provide emergency delivery kits to 10 women and their children at 15,000frs.
“we can do more than just talking about their cries, we can save lives” Dr. Metuge Alain
“We may not be able to Save those who die from guns, but we can save pregnant women and their children by providing them with clean emergency delivery kits.
With 1500 frs, you can save a mother and her child, you can give them both hope and life.”
You may not be able to go into the most violent parts of these regions, but with your donations, they will hear your message of love.”

Hear their stories

SHF met mama Confort, a 55year old traditional birth attendant, who lives with most of the people from Ngolo Metokor in the bush for more than a year now. Ngolo Metokor is a village in Ndian division under Ekondo Titi. As the Anglophone crisis deteriorates, she and other women have been ones conducting all deliveries for their community in the bushes.
“I conduct all deliveries with my bare hands and there is no soap to even wash them properly so we do whatever we can. We have buried a lot of newborns who get sick within few days after birth and die and some mothers who have died in childbirth or shortly after because we don’t have basic supplies to carry out clean deliveries or any health personnel to treat the children when they get sick. We are happy to receive these supplies from superior health foundation, we have been taught how to use the birth kit properly and I believe this will save the lives of many children. we pray that some treatment assistance is brought to Ngolo because it’s a problem to see even ordinary paracetamol since everyone is in the bushes and we fear to return to our village”.

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8 in 10 mothers lack access to proper delivery conditions. We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how ...