Improving on Juvenile Health-care Services

With the ongoing crisis and instability in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, there has been an increase in the prevalence of young people being easily radicalized into criminal and juvenile delinquent activities.

According to the Cameroon Penal Code in section 80(3), anyone who commits a crime between the ages 14 to 18 years old is categorized a juvenile. In accordance to the Law, the juvenile detention center in Buea central prison accommodates thirty seven (37) male Juveniles. These teenagers comprise of drug addicts, victims of the Anglophone crisis (child soldiers), pick pockets, thieves and other delinquent cases all locked up in a single cell with poor sanitary and health conditions.

With growing concern on the need to improve health care service of incarcerated adolescents, SHF designed this project to ;

Educate and sensitize teenage inmates on drug abuse and provide psychosocial needs;
During a Focus group discussion; Juveniles gave their experiences on how they became drug addicts. Some complained of constant heart palpitation and headaches. They also made us to know new drugs they use to feed their addiction in prison.

Provide inmates on WASH skills
SHF trained the inmates on proper personal hygiene. SHF donated detergents and trained them on how to properly use them to keep their environment clean.

We carried out a health need assessment to better understand their health conditions and put in place measures for improvement.

From this study we can conclude that the sanitary condition of these inmates is a call for concern.

With a record of over 66% of these juveniles engage in substance abuse before and during their time in jail, there is the call for concern; stakeholders and institutions have to intervene in providing possible solution to this epidemic.


Superior Health Foundation having a qualified team and expertise to manage drug addiction is ready to work with potential partners and funders to alleviate this epidemic. 


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