Our Activities


We produce cost-effective clean emergency delivery kits which are used to save mothers and give them the opportunity to watch their children grow.

In our latest campaign, we produce and distribute simple, cost-effective, clean emergency delivery kits which provides clean deliveries for women in the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon.

We pioneer the fight against teenage drug abuse and addiction in Cameroon and the rest of Africa. In this light Superior health foundation has published a book written by Dr. Metuge Alain titled “SAVE ME: Fighting Africa’s Teenage Drug Abuse Epidemic”, a book in which he reveals some specially designed tools to help teenagers stay away from drugs.

For our prison lifes matter project, we :
 Carry out health and psychosocial need assessment for prisons and juvenile centers to guide
 Health and wash education and sensitization for prisoners and juveniles
 Provision of Free routine medical consultations and screenings for prisoners
 Education, sensitization and skills on drug abuse prevention and how to get help for addiction
for prisoners and juveniles in restricted environments.

 Provision of basic WASH and hygiene supplies for prisoners and juveniles in restricted